Globalisation is good for you!

Από ανακοίνωση της  Ευρωπαϊκής Φιλελεύθερης Νεολαίας, αντιγράφω:

With this controversial message LYMEC will very soon launch a new campaign to promote the benefits of globalisation and counter-rest the confusion and misinformation created by organised groups like the socialists and the alter-globalist against a process which is bringing already more prosperity and wealth across the globe. Despite acknowledging the downsizes of globalisation, LYMEC is of the opinion that the worst possible situation for an individual or a nation in view of globalisation is basically to be left outside this process be it voluntarily or by force. That is the reason why this new LYMEC campaign aims at bringing again the arguments on the table while tackling the question of whether Europe should move towards a higher degree of social protection.

The incumbent German presidency has informally suggested alongside other member states that is time to add a social protocol to the Constitutional Treaty in order to beat part of the resistance against the text in countries like France. They are wrong when placing the focus of the debate on the social vs. the liberal Europe. The real debate is placed on the competitive vs. the lazy Europe; and a competitive Europe requires a more flexible, open, knowledge oriented and innovative society and economy. A Europe that is presented to oppose or diminish globalisation’s effects will never be able to act accordingly in the eyes of its citizens. On the contrary, Europe must become one of the engines to make sure that individuals and countries have better chances to be fully included in this global process.

Instead of opposing globalisation, let’s use it with the aim to release our own potential!

Roger Albinyana i Saigí

President of LYMEC